We co-wrote a new Jingle!

By Hails

For some reason we've been doing some random commercial work lately. Mostly for fun.

So any who, we recently entered a radio and social media contest for The Wedding Ring Shop. The rules were to sing our rendition of the famous local jingle. IYKYK (if you know you know).

The original song just goes like "The wedding ring shop we can make diamonds a part of your liiiiifeeeeee!"

But the prizes for this contest were free all expenses paid trips to Las Vegas, $500 to spend at The Wedding Ring Shop, Backstreet Boys tickets and Lady Gaga tickets. SO IN MY HEAD I WAS LIKE, "JOSEPH WE ARE GOING ALL OUT AND GONNA BE EXTRA!"

Inspired by Tori Kelly's Nationwide commercial jingle rendition we wrote extra lines to the verse and it goes like this...

"Chiseled stones into a masterpiece

an artifact of what you meant to me

elegance redefined

The Wedding Ring Shop we can make diamonds a part of your liiiiifeeeee!"

HERE IT IS! hahah if you hear it on the radio, that's some GarageBand edited Ragamuffs tunes for you!

MAD LOVE FOR EACH AND EVERY FRIEND THAT VOTED! You guys really overkilled it with love, and I wish we could take you all to Las Vegas with us! (link to see how many of you voted on that post - PS the marketing team was very happy with the social media engagement and results of this campaign). It is a win win.