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Confiscate My Youth Music Video (Extras)

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

By Hailey Fines

We finally released our Confiscate My Youth OFFICIAL music video! Now on YouTube!

We shot this video in about 3 days around the time after quarantine, as parks and beaches opened back up! Now that they are closed again, we will have to hold off on our next music video (Sunset Chaser) which we were planning to get done soon. 2020 has been presenting a bunch of new challenges, but we are feeling it out each day.

Anyways! How did this music video arise? Well it started when I was thinking of how this song is about growing up and what better way to capture that feeling than to use the idea of nostalgia! NOSTALGIA. I was born in '96 so I really wanted to capture my childhood. With that we thought of all types of toys we used to play with such as: pogo sticks, playgrounds, face stickers, view masters, bubbles, sand toys (because we grew up in Hawaii going to the beach a ton), hula hoops (though we didnt keep it in), etch sketches, electric car tracks, etc.

We ended up making the entire focus as if we were watching memories through the view master. They just have such a great retro aesthetic so we thought we would center the video around that. I've been really into customizing view masters for a long time, so I guess this is a little bit of my idea coming to life in video form. At one point I really wanted to make my own view master to keep for fun. We tried to make it a giveaway for our 1st Kickstarter but didn't have the funds and resources.

Also, I almost wanted to feel as if the youthful version of us were stuck in the view master memories while real life Joseph is growing up and living an adult life. Lowkey, kinda real life -Joseph just recently became a registered nurse hence the nurse fit.

As we told our director and videographer/editor, Noelle Nakamura, she knew how to put her magic in to make this idea happen! She made all of the transitions come to life and did an amazing job! We later asked Jenise Lam who also edited and filmed the Lainey Lainey music video to jump onto this project!

Stay tuned for new music coming out this September :) Can't wait to share!

Enjoy some photos from the music video that weren't yet posted anywhere else!

Hit the side arrows to scroll through the gallery!


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